Name Mohammad Abu Naser
Father’s Name Md. Solaiman
Mother’s Name Halima Khatun
Date of Birth July 03, 1975
Gender Male
Marital Status Married
Nationality Bangladeshi
Religion Islam
Present Address House No. # 305, Road No.# 08, Mirpur DOHS, Mirpur Cantonment, Mirpur – 12, Dhaka
Permanent Address Charbasthi, South Patenga, Post Office: Airport, Chittagong
Current Location Dhaka
Mobile 01939641894, 01819235235, 028059844
National ID No 19751596541388411
Passport No w 0217948


  1. Useful knowledge and understanding of organizations, related human capital art management issues and strong management skills
  2. 22+ years of experience in operating different cultural organizations in the social context of Bangladesh [such as: served as (a) cabinet member in ‘Amra Palash Sikhsha O Sangskritik Chorcha Kendro’ ,(b) Program Coordinator as ‘Shucoyon Sangskritik Songshod’, (c) executive member in ‘Somokalin Cottogram’, (d) Member and program coordinator in ‘Britto Arts trust’, (e) Founder member, Coordinator and Chairman in ‘Porapara Space for Artists’ and (f) Assistant coordinator  in 15th Asian Biennale-2012 held at Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy, Dhaka]
  3. Adapted in working with people at all levels in a national and cross cultural settings and motivating them to perform.
  4. Capable of functioning independently or as a fully cooperative member of the active Team together with excellent communication skills.
  5. Developed own network within artists, cultural activists, theoreticians, curators, Gallery directors and other professionals in home and abroad.
  6. Useful knowledge and practical work experience about computer system windows-8, software (MS-word, Adobe CS6 [photoshop, illustrator, Dreamweaver], web development code language (html, php, javaScript) web development CMS wordpress, twitter bootstrap framework google blogspot, google-site/google-form/ google calendar and various cloud data storage and sharing management and web hosting and domain(DNS) management.


1.  Cultural Administration Training Program for Cultural Professionals of Asia for 6 months  at Seoul. Initiated by Art Council Korea and supported by Cultural partnership initiative program of cultural ministry, South Korea -2006

2.   Advance web development training

     Devsteam institute, Multiplan center, Dhaka (4 months at 2015)

3.  Basic web development Training Training center, Karwan Bazar, Dhaka(2 months at 2013)

4.  Entrepreneurship Development Training

28th Aug-3rd Sep 2002 at Chittagong

Organized by: Community Development Center(CODEC) & German Technical Cooperation(GTZ)

5.  BNCC(Bangladesh National Cadet Core )

(11-11-1993 to 11-11-1995) Regiment-2, Chittagong Zone.


1. Assistant coordinator, 15th Asian Art Biennale Bangladesh-2012

Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy,Dhaka,Bangladesh

1st Oct 2012- April 2013 (Short term project)

Key Responsibilities and Accountabilities:

  1. Communicating with national & International artists, commissioners, and related organizations to ensure their participation in the event.
  2. Collecting information from different sources and sizing data for publication.
  3. Performing the legal activities with relevant organization for importing and exporting art works from overseas countries.
  4. Monitoring the display of the art work.
  5. Monitoring the venue decoration.
  6. Handling the publicity of the event through electronic & print media.
  7. Managing the hospitality for the 75 foreign delegates’.
  8. Monitoring the publication materials like brochure, invitation card, and gift materials for the delegates.

Main achievements:

  1. 33 countries from Asia pacific region participate in this event, which was the highest participation in the history of Asian Biennale.
  2. 100 artist from Bangladesh and 122 artists from abroad joined in this event by submitting 358 art works.
2. Co-coordinator (2004-Till now)

Porapara space for artist

Key Responsibilities and Accountabilities:

  1. Designing and implementing the idea of alternative space for artist.
  2. Designing, planning, budgeting and directing 75 specific programs (artist workshop,   exhibition, training, art camp, art talk, artist and curator’s presentation, art festival, artist residency, art exchange, public art event, social art activism etc.)
  3. Developing the skill of young artist to build up a contemporary art scene and to make a positive social change in Chittagong.
  4. Developing a good network within 22 Asian countries within alternative art organization level.

Main achievements:

  1. Approximately 500 artists around the country get direct benefits in various level of their professional area.
  2. Developed some opportunity to exchange creative idea & thoughts between local & international artist & professionals.
  3. Developed communication between artist & general public.
1.The Tale of Darkness 2012 (Solo Exhibition)

Organized by Litmus Community Space, South Korea
2.Earth Calling: Thinking Otherwise 2012, Open studio Exhibition

Organized by Litmus Community Space, South Korea
3.Young Artist Exhibition-2010

Organized by Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy
4.National Art Exhibition-2009

Organized by Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy
5.17th Young Artists Exhibition-2008

Organized by Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy
6.Off The Beaten Path 2008, South Asian Exhibition

Organized by- Britto Arts Trust Dhaka.
7.Sanjoy smirti art exhibition-2003

Organized by Fine Arts Department, C.U
8.“ Crisis-1” (Installation & performance Show, 5th August 2003)

At Patenga Sea beach, Chittagong
9.“Dark Time” (Installation & performance Show 2003)

At Khathgor Aziz Uddan, Patenga, Chittagong,

Organized by Shuchayan Shangskritik Shongshod, Patenga, Chittagong.
10.22 august 1998 -? (Installation & Happening art show, 22nd August 2002)

On footpath of CU main road, Organized by Students of fine art department, C.U
11.1st solo Water Color Exhibition-2000

At Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy, Chittagong.

Organized by Amra Polash Shikkha O Shangskrity Chorcha Kendro, Patenga, Ctg.
1.Open Studio-2007,  Outcome Show of Uijae Art Studio

International Artist Residency program2007, Gwangju, South Korea.
2.Outcome Show of Britto International Artist Workshop-2005

At La Gallery, Alliance franchise, Dhaka. Organized by Britto Arts Trust, Dhaka.
3.“Movement will become sculpture”- 2004

Outcome, Installation& Performance show, At La Gallery, Alliance franchise, Dhaka.

Organized by Britto Arts Trust, Dhaka & Pousses Rouyes Lyon, France.
4. “Transformation”-2003 At La Gallery, Alliance franchise, Dhaka.

Organized by Britto Arts Trust, Dhaka.
5.“Human Rights” (Installation & Performance show-2003)

Organized by Action Aid Bangladesh & N.G.O. Forum, Chittagong.

At museum Hall Chittagong.
6.Exposition-2003, Expression through materials

At Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy, Ctg

Organized by Chittagong University Film Society, Ctg
7.Hridoy Uthshob-2002

Painting & Sculpture Show

At the Museum of Chittagong University, Organized by Department of Fine Arts, C.U.
8.Painting & Handicraft Show-2002

At Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy, Ctg. Organized by Shomokalin Chottogram-95
9.S.M. Sultan Memorial Art Exhibition-2002

At the Gallery of Art College, Organized by Chittagong Government Art College, C.T.G.
10.Shonjoy Memorial Art Exhibition-2001

At The Museum of Chittagong University, Organized by Department of Fine Arts, C.U.
11.Electoral Poster Competition& Exhibition-2001

At Giri Art Gallery, Ctg, Organized by Action Aid Bangladesh.
12.13th Young Artists Exhibition-2000

At the Gallery of Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy, Dhaka.

Organized by Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy, Dhaka
13.53 Water Color Exhibition-98

At Alliance franchise, Ctg, Organized by Shomokalin Chottogram-95 Ctg.
14.Annual Art Exhibition-1995

Department of Fine Arts C.U.

1.Gwangju International media performance art festival-2012

Gwangju biennale venue, Gwangju,South Korea(10days)
2.Anyang Gwangju international cross performance art festival-2012

Soksu market, Anyang,South korea(10days)
3.Litmus International Artists Residency Program-2012

Ansan-Si, South Korea (70days)
4.“AH!SIA” International nonprofit art organization network seminar

Unesco a.port Gallery, Incheon Si, South Korea-2012(15days)
5.NIPAF (Nippon International Performance Art Festival)-2010

6.Sagang Market public art residency-2008

Suwan, South Korea.(30days)
7.Shatana international Artists workshop-2008

Aman, Jordan(30days)
8.Artist’s residency program-2007                                                       

Organized by: Uijae Art Studio, Guangju,South korea.
9.Cultural Administration Training Program for Cultural Professionals of Asia for 6 months at Seoul. Initiated by Art Council Korea and supported by Cultural partnership initiative program of cultural ministry, South Korea (2006)
10.Britto International Artist workshop-2005

At Ntjera Kori, Noon Gola, Bogra, Bangladesh.

Organized by Britto Arts Trust, Dhaka
11.“Nogamika” The Inner Eye -2004

At Bakhtapur, Nepal

Organized by Sutra Arts trust, Katmandu, Nepal


Exam Title Concentration/Major Institute Name Passing Year
MFA Painting University of Chittagong 1999
BFA Painting University of Chittagong 1998
HSC Science BAF Shahin College, Chittagong 1995
SSC Science Airport high school, Chittagong 1993


Best Award for print making in young artist exhibition-2010

Organized by Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy, Dhaka
Best award for water color in Sanjoy smirti art exhibition-2003

Organized by Fine Arts Department, C.U




Animated Sculpture Workshop –2004

At porapara art Space, Potenga, and Chittagong, Bangladesh.

Organized by Santua Art foundation, Chittagong
Movement Will Become Sculpture

Installation& Performance Workshop at Jagatpur Ashram, Raoujan, C.T.G.

Organized by Britto Arts Trust, Dhaka & Pousses Rouyes Lyon, France.


  1. Performance art platform Bangladesh-2014, Performance art workshop for    beginners Organized by Porapara Space for artist and Depart Art Magazine at Depart Office, Dhaka
  1. Presentation+plus-2014, A professional development workshop for artists Organized by Porapara Space for artists and  took place at Dhayan Chittagong art center, ctg
  1. Policritix expression-2014 (part-1 and 2), A multidiciplinnary visual art workshop Organized by Bottola, Khulna,
  1. Floating Peers Social Practice workshop-2013, (An international workshop of artists to implement social practice through visual arts in Bangladesh),  14 artists from different Asian and European countries together with 36 local artists participated the workshop. In this workshop 700 local people of 4 villages were festive mood and involved physically.
  1. 1st Porapara media Art workshop-2011 (An introductory video art workshop held in Chittagong city. Here a Korean video artist provided a realistic strength for practicing video art among emerging artists of Chittagong.)
  1. Porapara Public Art workshop-2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2009. (An experimental initiative of developing artistic communication between general public and artists in a specific location aiming towards social goodness and gathering empirical knowledge  through cultural attitudinal  study)
  1. 1st Porapara Performance Art workshop-2009. (An introductory performance art workshop to make realistic understanding about performance art for art students and practitioners)
  1. Policritix-print Artists workshop & Exhibition — (Part-1)-2008, (Part-2)-2009 & (Part-3)-2010 (A conceptual Print making Workshop)
  1. Porapara Site Specific Art workshop-2010, Organized by Porapara space for Artists, Chittagong


Topic: Community film and art activism

In Parallel Cine Movement (PCM) Khulna-2014
Topic: Floating peers-2013

Organized by Depart magazine,

Depart Office, firm gate Dhaka
Topic: “Activities of Porapara space for artist and the ultimate response from the young artist of Bangladesh”

A presentation and live performance event during the “Cross Over” at Dhaka art center, Organized by Depart Art magazine in 2011
Topic: Socially engaged art and porapara activities

In Lecture hall, Faculty of fine arts, Dhaka University-2011
Topic: Contemporary art activities and non-profit Organization in Bangladesh

AH!SIA Non-profit art organization network initiative-2012

Incheon city, South Korea
Topic: “TIMIRER KOTHOKOTHA” A tells of darkness- Artivism and present challenge in Bangadesh

Litmus Community space, Ansan city,South Korea-2012
Topic: Experience of Contemporary Korean cultural and visual art scene.-2006

Organized by Britto arts trusts
Topic: Contemporary Non-profit cultural Organization and activities in Bangladesh

Organized by Arts council Korea at Seoul, south korea-2016