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Abu Naser Robii born in Chittagong in 1975, His grownup in Patenga, studied in fine-arts in University of Chittagong. RObii engaged himself with his local community through his dynamic socio-political activism from the beginning of his artistic career, he developed an active network between public and artist around his area and international art community as well as. He has established the organization called porapara space for artists ( )in 2004 and running it as chairman till now. Web design and development is his hobby.


conflict of mind

Timirer Kothokota

Sanjoy Talapatra was killed by some unknown killer on the way of Chittagong university. Sanjoy was the student of Painting in the department of fine arts,Chittagong University. Continue reading


The movement was aimed at attracting attention of the students at a specific date and time, and as a tribute to the political murdering of students on a university campus. On his way to the university and within the university grounds, Robii marked images of this tragedy., Continue reading

Leaf and Life

A spontaneous creative process, whereby nature, seasons, organic objects and human feelings (touching etc+++) come together and transform personal experiences and knowledge about life. Continue reading

Let me know about history telling stories

India civilization has a really old cultural and historical descent. Asian classical philosophers from India, China, the Middle East developed cultural theories that already referred to climatic changes , pointing out the change they could witness when observing the relationship between the soil and the rest of natural environment. Continue reading

Web design and development

About wordpress

The three

Starting with a workshop in Shatana, Jordan, on 3rd July, my 33rd birthday, travelling to 3 airports, carrying 3 luggages, at 3 AM, for 3 different organizations, and 3 artists in residence. It was also supported by Triangle international artist network (London, UK). Literally, the number “Three” became an obvious and unavoidable reference to me. Continue reading


The national poet Kzi Nazril delivers a peaceful message, to which I can closely and creatively relate.
When reality becomes too exhaustive, it triggered space for a new start, precisely because it allowed me to walk alone in natural and wild environments. Continue reading

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