Timirer Kothokota

Sanjoy Talapatra was killed by some unknown killer on the way of Chittagong university. Sanjoy was the student of Painting in the department of fine arts,Chittagong University.
In 1998 20Th August 7.18 am sanjoy was running to get the university train at Battali railway station as usual. but unfortunately he was attracted by some unknown terrorist and injured badly in his head, his scale was broken and finally at 22nd of August he was death in his 22 Th birth day.
Sanjoy was only son of his parents and he had a sister, it was extremely unrecoverable lose for his family.

Today, it is 11th death anniversary of sanjoy talapatra,but their is no investigation report,or no action against the terrorist, even we do not know why some one killed sanjoy, his father mother and sister also don’t know why they lost their closest relative?

In the opening talk of the exhibition about sanjoys works , The charman of Fine arts Mr.Jasim uddin speak on the exhibition.Professor Abdullah Khalid,Monsur-ul-karim, Dhali Al Mamun, Alak Roy, Mizanurrahim, Sayed Saiful Kabir,lecturer Alaptagin tusar, Saila sarmin Sathi, and all students was joined in the program with sorrow.They wear black bage for the day.

Event date: SATURDAY, AUGUST 22, 2009
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