The movement was aimed at attracting attention of the students at a specific date and time, and as a tribute to the political murdering of students on a university campus. On his way to the university and within the university grounds, Robii marked images of this tragedy.,
The performance consisted in covering the front side of the building by a black cloth, stating the date and featuring a target sign. On the university grounds, he marked the figure of a dead body on the floor.

Action plan
+ spotting the date of the killing
+ Creating a visual semiology to express a tribute to the tragedy
+Sourcing crops and accessories for future actions, i.e. a banner for public demonstration, stating a specific message
+ Identifying a media strategy to communicate on the intervention

A student was head-hit on the streets.
A dialogue about the incident is engaged
The people present observes the black cloth stating the date and the drawing
The situation got out of control, all escape the area
The killing is evoked again. Robii organizes a gathering with the students in front the university premises
Students and lectures react with a loud protest
The terrorist group attack the protesters. The university authorities close down the university for three days, anticipating possible further violent reactions.